Software that runs your kiosk business for you

Built for you, tailored for your needs.

Top software engineers developed this software with your business in mind. It is highly adaptable for your unique needs. Customize the interface with your logo and design; set your prices for minutes and prints; offer unique discounts and subscriptions, etc.

Not just software; It’s an engine of growth

Tawlq kiosk will not just make it easier for you to run your business and save you valuable time and money by running virtually every part of your business; it will increase your bottom line by providing higher customer satisfaction; In-depth analytics and reports, and much more.

We always have your back

Our customer service team is committed to ensuring that you can make the most of our software and utilize all its unique features. Our team will be there to assist you in setting up the software, answering any questions, and providing help whenever needed.

Finally, a software that takes the hassle out of running a kiosk business.

As an owner of a kiosk business, you know how hard it can get to stay on top of all the moving parts. Tawlq Kiosk is an all-in-one software built with you in mind. every aspect, from sign-up to billing, you can set up a self-service kiosk with virtually no staff needed to serve your customers, thereby saving you time and money so you can focus on growing your business.



Users can easily create their accounts. From their control panel, they can easily track their time, purchase bundles or subscriptions, and pay for minutes or prints with an easy payment system directly from their account.



When the user logs out, any sensitive info – such as passwords, browsing history, and all downloads - are automatically deleted, keeping your customers’ privacy protected and your computers clean and safe.



Various features built in to ensure users are protected. For example, in case they forget to log out, remote log out is available; If they forget their password, it can be retrieved by using the last four digits of the CC number on the account.



TAWLQ makes payments and account management a breeze. You can choose from a variety of payment methods and process them with one click. This includes automatic recurring payments, automatic refill, pre-paid plans, Calling cards, etc.



Stay on top of your finances and revenue with built-in bookkeeping tools. Billing and invoices, financial reports, annual summaries, tax forms, tax reports. With this software you won’t need any other bookkeeping software.



Staying on top of your inventory at all times has never been easier. With a suite of useful options to manage sales and device rentals that include features such as location tracking, notifications, and customer service.



Keep in touch with your customers with built-in tools for mailing and marketing. Whether it’s an invoice or promotion, our unique features make it super easy to manage your communication with customers and track your marketing campaigns with real-time results.


Your Bookkeeper

In-depth reports and analytics, so you can track every minute and print, identify peak times or most used computer stands, and more, thereby simplifying your bookkeeping and providing valuable insights to increase revenue.

Your Salesman

It’s easy-to-use points billing system allows users to buy credit in bulk which they can use for minutes, color, or B&W prints which enables you to offer unique discounts and subscription.

Your Secretary

The system will save you valuable time with its various tools that will run every aspect of your business, such as automatic invoices – customized for your business – sent by email to each user, and much more.



TAWLK is web-based, so it doesn’t require any hardware modifications.


We are offering a 30-day trial free of charge so you can decide if it fits your needs.

Customer support

Our technical team is always available and ready to provide top-of-the-line technical support.

About us

Whether you have a small business serving your local neighborhood or manage a chain of telecom shops, TAWLQ has a highly customizable platform to meet your needs. No more excessive clicking and browsing. No more navigating between different providers’ platforms. All your portals and platforms are now automated and integrated into one elegant platform.

The software will manage your customer data, process payments, manage recurring and pre-paid payments, calling cards, phone rentals, manage inventory, process and keep track of orders, keep track of revenue, manage marketing campaigns, and much much more. With this software, you can sign up customers, process payments, manage inventory, and much more without ever leaving your POS.


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